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Incan magic

by Euan B
Written: May 9th 2024

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"We trekked through the mountains with a fantastic guide who looked after us and showed us all the details we would have otherwise missed. From the ruins themselves to the flora and fauna our guide Henrry took us back in time hundreds of years with ease. He will be remembered for his personal touch as he lead us around what has become our favourite historical site...."

Super experience

by Rafael B
Written: May 9th 2024

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"A great experience. Very well organized. It is my third time in Peru and second time visiting Machu Picchu. I felt comfortable and safe with Primo. He did a good job and he has a wealth of knowledge of the region. 5 stars and maximum recommendations. Very professional, cordial and punctual...."

Stunning hike, and Henrry is the best!

by Bob L
Written: May 8th 2024

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"This was the Royal Inca Trail one-day hike, starting at KM 104 and finishing at Machu Picchu. Our guide was Henrry Chauca, and he is excellent. I was twice the age of the other six hikers, and therefore the slowest. Henrry made sure that I was always safe, kept encouraging me, told me to take my time. This is not an easy hike - lots of stairs - but at age 68 I made it! I am convinced that my guide made all the difference in the world. All day long we were "family" - and we were. Lots of..."

The Explorers/Of the Grep

by Gli Esploratori/El Grep
Written: May 6th 2024

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"Jesus was really friendly, we had a great time. Experience to try at least once, surprising chef, the journey is truly spectacular, the group accompanies you in every moment of the journey, giving and accompanying you very much... a beautiful emotion..."

Machu Picchu and mountain of 7 colors

by Jose C
Written: May 6th 2024

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"Excellent service, everything well organized, all expectations were met and the time available for each of the activities was made the most of. A lot of kindness and disposition on the part of guides and drivers...."

Inca trail is the best experience I've ever had

by Trek813964
Written: Apr 30th 2024

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"The guide guy Jesus Valdivia, the chef Ignacio and the Porters' chief were amazing! I have more than 800 pictures, made incredible friends and had the best trip experience of my life. I'm very thankful to these guys that made the trail an awesome memory. Sleeping bags and tents were great, I was not cold at all. And the Porters' team was very efficient and fast, I'm still amazed by their hard and accurate work...."

Exciting adventure!!

by Michel V
Written: Apr 30th 2024

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"Beautiful Adventure experience and the service of Guide Jesús and his chef Ignacio much better. its collaborators doing the Porter service 100% recommended.!!..."

Inca-redible trek

by Arnie V
Written: Apr 28th 2024

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"Jorge was a great tour guide on the 2 day inca trail. We learned a lot of Incan history from him and he knows the best spots for Machu Picchu pics! The orientation prior to the trek was great since he answered all our questions and made the trip not so overwhelming and it was easy...."

Epic Machu Picchu Trip!!!

by eileenboseant
Written: Apr 28th 2024

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"One of the best trips I have ever taken! Hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu has always been on my bucket list, but the logistical planning always had me put this destination aside. With Percy Silva as our primary tour guide, alongside David, Jovanna and our porters, our group of 13 had the best time hiking over 4 days; it wasn’t an easy hike- with elevations varying 11,000 to 14,000 feet it was quite difficult, but our guides and porters cheered and supported us the whole way. We all got..."

Machupichu inca trail

by Catalina Sandberg
Written: Apr 28th 2024

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"The experience was incredible! We also had the best tour guide, Franco. Without him it wouldn’t have been the same. Amazing experience. I fully recommend it...."


by Jia Yan Wu
Written: Apr 6th 2024

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"This was one of the best trip I’ve ever taken! It was definitely life changing and I learned so much on this trip with the local people and from our best tour guide ever, Jorge C. Jorge was so friendly and knowledgeable in every way in this trip and made it more special. We all really connected and had a very good time learning about Machu Picchu. It was so adventurous and challenging but definitely worth it...."

An amazing trip! Highly recommend!

by Sarah G
Written: Mar 4th 2024

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"We had an amazing trip!! We did the 2 day Inca trail tour. Day 1 included a trek and we saw many different ruins. Our guide Primo was so knowledgable and we learnt so much about the history as well as the flora. Day 2 we had a tour around Machu Picchu ruins and again we learnt so much from Primo. The whole tour was really well organised. We had a great time! I highly recommend this trip to anyone who is thinking of going to Machu Picchu!..."

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