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amazing experience

by Thales C
Written: Dec 1st 2023

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"The Inca path is simply spectacular. All the support offered by the company, and especially the guide Jesus, was wonderful, from the pick-up at the hotel to the drop-off at the hotel...."

Amazing Machu Picchu

by Theresia
Written: Nov 21st 2023

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"I really really enjoy the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. Thank you for the programe. I understand more about the Inca, the culture, the knowledge and wisdoms. Machu Picchu is amazing, magic, and wonderous. Percy is very kind, helpful, and knowledgable our guide. He is very patience with me and always there for me during 8 hours Inca Trail. I couldnt make the trail without him. He patiently wait for me to finish the trail. And he answers all my questions about Inca and Machu Picchu. I..."

An incredibly fantastic memorable experience!

by Emma
Written: Nov 12th 2023

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"It has been an absolutely incredible and fantastic experience. An experience that I recommend everyone to do. It was wonderful to walk along the mountains and in God's amazing creation, which led us to Machu Picchu. My friends and I were honored to have an amazing guide with us, Percy. He was very safe to have with him, very calm, nice, kind and genuine. If we were missing something, or something broke, he had a solution and materials for it. He was very keen that we should have the best..."

Humbling, beautiful and exciting experience!

by Joel A
Written: Nov 12th 2023

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"I went with the guide Percy Lanza Silva I really enjoyed the experience, every part of it. I think it was very well planned all throughout, and it went very smoothley. The tempo of the experience was perfect so that you could enjoy everything. I'm my opinion, I really got the full Machu Picchu experience with the 2-day alternative. Sort of a two in one experience, actually, with the trip as well...."

A fantastic and affordable experience led by a knowledgeable and passionate guide who made the experience the best!

by Lukas S
Written: Nov 11th 2023

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"The trip was absolutely magical! 100% worth the money! Everything from the briefing before departure to the last lunch with our guide Pircey has been gold! The Inca trail you walk on offers incredible views, a nice waterfall and adventurous paths, lots of ups and downs. Walking on the trail with the goal of macchu picchu is something you could have done all day long. Also highly recommend our guide Pircey, don't think our experience would have been anywhere near what it was if it wasn't for..."

Fantastic experience and guiding!

by Agnes
Written: Nov 11th 2023

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"I am incredibly satisfied! Fantastic hiking trail, nature and experience!! Our guide Percy was a very good guide. It really felt like he wanted to be there, not just for work but because he wanted to show us the trail and Machu Picchu in the best possible way! Percy cared about us and wants to know how we were, how we were doing and took it at our pace. A big heart for its tourists! He provided good information/facts about places, not too much and not too little. Two very good days!..."

Very good

by Carlito S
Written: Nov 11th 2023

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"It was very good good guide and a learning moment in my life and I strongly recommend that experience there are views and mountains..."

Amazing experience during Salkantay 4 day trek

by Christine Schneider
Written: Nov 5th 2023

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"My boyfriend and I completed the 4 day Salkantay Trek with Thony. We had an amazing time and the views could not be beat! We also learned a lot from Thony. He did a great job making sure everyone enjoyed the trek, learned about the Inka history, and laughed throughout. The experience would not have been the same without him. The food was delicious and the hard work put in by the staff to get us from location to location was impressive and appreciated! The staff in Cusco also went out of their..."

10/10 - good trip, good team

by Maja Ziegler Wolter
Written: Nov 2nd 2023

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"The team with the guide Jorge Sanchéz, the porters and the cook was amazing. We were suppose to be 5 in the group, ended up being 3 because of sickness, but the team made everything feel so natural, almost like a little family in the 4 days. I would recommend everyone to do this trip with these people...."

Perfect team to Machu Picchu

by Lara Wolter Rasmussen
Written: Nov 2nd 2023

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"Our guide Jorge Sanchéz and the team of porters and cook were all incredible. They were supportive, funny and made the perfect trip for our small group of three people. They even changed the campsites, so the route fitted perfectly for the pace of our group and made it possible to sleep longer the next day:) The food was delicious and Mr. Sanchéz was really informative, spoke English well and made sure that everybody was feeling good through the whole trip...."

5 day Salkantay Trek

by Benjamin John Patchett
Written: Oct 31st 2023

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"We had a great time on our 5 day Salkantay Trek with Jeus, our guide, who had great knowledge of Machu Picchu and was a great help on the Trek. Mario, the chef cooked some great meals and Daniel took some great photos. Overall a great experience..."

incredible experience

by Emma Louise
Written: Oct 29th 2023

5 star rating 5/5 stars

"Amazing trip. Jesus was the best guide, calm, encouraging through the tough bits. The organisation was amazing. I felt so lucky to be in such a small group, it was a really personal experience and made it a really good experience. Special mentions to Mario, our chef who not only walked (ran) everything we did, but then still cooked us 3 meals a day with a smile on his face, and tea delivered to bed every morning. I had a problem with my foot, so my friend and I rode Walter's horses over the..."

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