Integrated Management System Policy

At Inka Trail Expeditions Peru E.I.R.L, we are a Peruvian company that since 2012, we offer tourist services complying with quality and environmental standards.

Our commitments to our Quality Management System are:

  • High technical capability
  • Strong commitment to providing timely service and the most comprehensive communication with internal and external customers.
  • Friendliness in service and agility in processes
  • Practical innovation and cost efficiency
  • Commitment to quality standards
  • Cooperative work and the overall development of individuals.

Our commitments to our Environmental Management System are:

  • Protecting the environment by monitoring environmental obligations.
  • Managing our projects with quality, effectiveness, and efficiency.
  • Creating a culture of environmental care and service quality among our employees through the implementation of induction programs, training, education, awareness, competency development, quality or improvement circles, and organizational culture measurement.
  • Complying with legal regulations and other requirements related to the environment and quality.
  • Promoting and ensuring that workers and their representatives are consulted and actively participate in the elements of the integrated environmental and quality management system.


Update: September 20th 2023



William Escalante Taype


Certificate registration period from July 22nd 2023 to July 21st 2024


Certificate registration period from May 15th 2020 to May 14th 2023


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