If you are still not sure where your next trip will be, we present you with good options to get to know Peru, a country recognized worldwide by visitors. which presents a number of places with an impressive view and routes.

The country offers classic and adventure tours, presents coast, mountains and jungle each with different landscapes and changing climates, impressive places to trek, heights, mountains, valleys among other destinations that make Peru a megadiverse country not only at the level tourism, but at the level of traditions, customs and history.

How do I plan my itinerary…

In order to start planning your trip, you must take into account which destinations, which activities and which routes and tourist places you want to visit, if you want to be in a warmer and more humid climate, you can go to the Jungle and get to know the Amazon, Or if you want to do the traditional route and get to know Machupicchu, a world wonder, you can do the classic Inca trail or if you want to get to know the beaches, being by the Sea, there are various options both in the north and in the south of the country.

That is why you must take into account these details that will make you notice what you want to have a pleasant trip, you must know how you will travel, how long it will take you to reach a destination, things you must take among others. If you want to go on walks or trekking, you must know your physical condition very well and consider your walking skills, in addition, if you want to do a long-distance route, you must stay at least one day in the city to acclimatize and be able to set off towards your destination with more encouragement and strength in case it is a somewhat strenuous journey.

Book in advance all the activities to do…

Making a reservation in advance of your trip is always a good alternative to avoid hassles and worries during your trip, which is why you should consider aspects such as: hotels, restaurants, plane tickets or other transportation of your choice.

Sort the Paperwork…

It is always necessary to take into account the order of the papers, which is why you need to have your documents in order without any inconvenience, such as your passport necessary to visit and travel to any destination country you go to, as well as your state of health It must be in optimal conditions to make any trip.


Carrying luggage is one of the most important things that one does, because they are the things or objectives that will be used during their trip, it is a very good option to have a packing list, where the area should be considered, the weather where you are going direct and pack accordingly. In the case of Peru, the climate is varied and it is unpredictable to know the times for sure to be able to pack. However, like any site or destination and with sufficient travel experience, we can mention that you should always have sunscreen, a bottle of water, trekking shoes, a backpack, non-perishable food, among others, which are one of the most important things that cannot be missing inside the luggage for any trip.

Ready to start the journey!

It is all that we can mention so that you can have a trip without problems or difficulties, surely you must already have an idea of ​​the destinations you want to visit in Peru, so we present some tips so that you can relax and have a good vacation.

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