Inca Trail is closed from October 18th to 20th

Inca Trail is closed from October 18th to 20th


 The Ministry of Culture, through the Decentralized Directorate of Culture of Cusco, reported that it determined the total closure of access to Route 1 of the Inka Trails Network of Machupicchu, for a period of three days, from today, Wednesday the 18th to Friday, October 20 of this year.
This is due to a forest fire being reported in the sectors of Tunasmoqo, Unumaqchi, Wanomachay, Chaquilambras, Cruzmoqo, Chaquimayo and Hatunchaca, which affects an approximate length of 2 km, generating rock falls towards the Inka Trail, which is why consideration of high vulnerability for tourists, porters and the population of the area.


 In this regard, on Tuesday, October 17, at 3:30 p.m. m., a rock fall was recorded on the Inka Trail, which endangered tourists, the forest fire brigade of the Inka Trail Network and porters. For this reason, security measures will be adopted to guarantee the physical integrity of the groups of visitors.
During the three days of closure, the rehabilitation of the road through the Tarayoq sector will be carried out. In addition, two bridges will be opened for the new road access with safety handrails and railings.


 While route 01 of the traditional Inka Trail is closed, groups of visitors will access via Route 05, called the Sacred Trail.
The forest firefighters of the Machupicchu National Archaeological Park continue to be on alert to control emergencies that may arise.

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