Cusquenian Corpus Christi

Cusquenian Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Cusqueño

Considered one of the most lavish celebrations of Cusco, it is the procession of 15 images of saints and virgins from the various parishes of Cusco, to greet the Body of Christ. Multitudinous celebration held in the Plaza de Armas, complemented by gastronomic traditions, being the Chiruchu (cold picnic) representative dish religious holiday.


It is known that when the Spaniards arrived in Cusco, viewed cult deities or mummies that were carried in procession by the Incas, reason for which and using the gospels ended that demonstration considered pagan and inserted instead of the gods images of virgins and saints, thus he was born the holiday. Today there are 15 images that come out in procession:

1. St. Anthony parish of San Cristobal
2. St. Jerome’s parish district of San Jeronimo
3. St. Cristobal parish of San Cristobal
4. St. Sebastian parish in the district of San Sebastián
5. St. Barbara parish district Poroy
6. St. Anne parish of Santa Ana
7. James Apostle of the Parish of Santiago
8. St. Blas parish of San Blas
9. St. Peter’s parish of San Pedro
10. St. Joseph’s parish in Bethlehem
11. Virgin Nativity Parish Almudena
12. Virgin of Remedios church of Santa Catalina
13. Purified Virgin parish of San Pedro
14. Our Lady of Bethlehem in the parish of Bethlehem
15. Virgin of the Immaculate Conception also called “La Linda” of the Cathedral.


The Chiriuchu is an emblematic dish of the feast of Corpus Christi, that pottage dates from the time of the Incas and the colony, chiriuchu means Chiri = cold and uchu = chili, this dish has the ingredients the boiled hen, baked guinea pig, ch’arki or chalona, accompanied with rich flour tortillas or torrejas, toasted corn, cheese, sausage, seaweed (algae), chorizo and egg cups fish or “cau cau” and for those who like spicy, is present infaltable rocoto.



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